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Current Issue

October-December 2022| Vol 6| Issue 4


"Chikitsa Sutra": A ready reckoner of treatment guidelines catering to rationalization of Ayurvedic ideology

A disease’s therapy can be described with sufficient and pertinent details and briefly, like broadly applicable guidelines. The concise guidelines are significant in offering a cru...

Original Article

Efficacy of Ayurveda formulations, Panchamrit Lauha Guggulu and Panchguna Taila in the management of Cervical Spondylosis (Greevagraha): A prospective single-arm clinical trial

BACKGROUND: Cervical spondylosis (CS) is a degenerative disease of intervertebral discs with the formation of osteophytes in the cervical vertebrae. Based on the similarity in symptoms such as ...

Original Article

Efficacy of Ayurveda intervention “Ayuraksha Kit” on COVID-19 incidence and outcomes: A prospective cluster randomized community-based study in India

BACKGROUND: Ayurvedic medicines have been used as preventative care and for managing COVID-19 in India from the early days of the pandemic. This study was conducted to evaluate the effectivenes...

Original Article

Prophylactic effect of Ayurveda interventions in prevention of COVID 19 in selected containment zones of Delhi: A prospective open label community based study

BACKGROUND: The exponential rise of cases and associated morbidity and mortality has managed to make COVID-19 a serious threat. Minimising the transmission of disease by prevention and control ...

Original Article

An open-label, randomized, exploratory study to evaluate the effect of internal oleation and therapeutic purgation on lipid profile in patients with skin diseases

BACKGROUND: In Ayurveda therapeutic principles, internal oleation (IO) is essential before Virechana (purgation therapy). The IO is mainly done using plain or specific medicated ghee acc...

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